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Hi, I’m Kelin! I teach rhetoric and writing at a public university. I’m a gardener, former chef, wannabe real farmer, and a person with anxiety who is passionate about people.

My husband, Brian, is a project manager, former engineer, former fine art painter, and a person on the autism spectrum who is passionate about making.

Together we have two children, Chloe and Liam, who are now entering their teen years.

Together as a family we go through funny and hard things. We learn and we grow. We share it here to make connections and community.

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It’s Tree Tapping Season! A Quick Guide to Homemade Pure Maple Syrup

Syrup season heralds spring. It’s the first early spring food, a sweet reward for making it through another cold and gray winter, arriving with those first bursts of 50 degree, sunny days, just when the forest feels like it’s coming back to life. Sap flows when it’s freezing at night, forcing the tree to take in more water and nutrients from the ground and then around 45-50 degrees during the day. It needs to be just warm enough to unfreeze those nutrients on the inside of the tree, but not so warm that the tree starts to bud, generally speaking at least 42 degrees. Here in Indiana, as a result, the season lenth varies greatly each year–sometimes giving us a heady month, and others, just a few short days.


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