The Weekly Meal Plan: April 13-19 2020 and Homemade Easter Treats

Happy Easter week! This past Sunday we celebrated as a little family at the Homestead, then we took a little cake and plates of food to my parents while still staying at a distance and not going inside their house. It was strange to not have a large family gathering, but I’m thankful we got to see them for a little bit. After we left, we each set-up a board game (Catan) we both have a set of, and Zoomed together so we could play the game together. This was the set-up:

They’re on the laptop in the background. We had to set the board up exactly the same on each side, but once we accomplished that, surprisingly, gameplay was pretty much the same as if they’d been in the room with us. It was lovely.

The weather held just long enough to allow for the kids to hunt for eggs in the garden, and Chloe had helped on Saturday to make the treats for their baskets.

We made white chocolate bunny heads by melting white chocolate and pouring into a bunny-shaped cookie cutter lightly sprayed with cooking spray (pictured below). The small baking dish helped weigh down a freshly poured bunny so it wouldn’t leak out the bottom while they chilled in the refrigerator to harden them.

To get the bunnies safely out of the cookie cutter, we ran a small palette knife around the bottom edge, then gently pulled at the widest part (the head) until it “popped” slightly. Next, we piped melted semi-sweet chocolate faces on, chilled that until hardened, then finished with dyed melted white chocolate for the pink nose and blue eyes.

We also made nutella-cups (like peanut butter cups but with nutella). To make these, we cut some cupcake liners down by half, melted milk chocolate, and poured into the bottom of the cup.

These were less neat than the bunny heads, but that’s alright. We chilled down that layer in the fridge, then scooped nutella onto it and let that freeze-up in the freezer. The final layer of melted milk chocolate went down onto the frozen nutella, we topped fun sprinkles over it, and then let it chill in the fridge.

And the last homemade treat was sprinkle rice-krispy treats cut into flower shapes using a cookie cutter. We used the base recipe on the box, added fun sprinkles to the cereal, and then cut them with a cookie cutter sprayed with cooking spray while still warm.

My brother had sent a box of cookies, so the kids each got one in their baskets, and then we filled eggs with jelly beans I had remembered to order a while ago for this very purpose. πŸ™‚

Other than Easter, it was a very busy weekend. On Friday we took a day trip to southern Indiana, so Brian could pick-up some of the supplies from another makerspace he needed to keep making face masks for a local hospital at his makerspace. We opted to visit the local state park nearby, Falls of the Ohio. While everything was closed, it was still nice to get out of the house for a little bit, and we didn’t come into contact with anyone. The kids played on the riverbank for an hour, having invented some game that involved a rock and two long sticks and a magic spell.

Saturday was a garden day, and I will be writing a separate post about that soon. For now, suffice to say, it was a big week for the garden and I’m so excited about it. πŸ™‚

While I’m a little later on the weekly meal plan than I’d like (I have a plan for the blog to help me stay on schedule), I still think there’s use in sharing, so here we are.

Weekly Meal Plan:

Monday: refried bean and rice burritos
Tuesday: spaghetti with garlic bread
Wednesday: midwestern boil (rollover meal made with leftover Easter Ham)
Thursday: italian hobo dinner
Friday: chicken fajitas
Saturday: leftovers
Sunday: steaks on the grill (to celebrate a warm-up after the chilly weather this week!)

I’ll be posting recipes from last week and the pizza from the week before very soon. In the meantime, I hope you all continue to stay safe and warm and healthy. Until next time!

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