The Job Search is Broken, But We Can Make It Better (Part 2)

I promise I’ll return to my usual posts about gardens and food and family life soon. I crave that, actually, but between moving away from our homestead of 10 years in the beginning of May and losing my job later in May (combined with historic inflation), there has been no bandwidth to plan the newContinue reading “The Job Search is Broken, But We Can Make It Better (Part 2)”

Welcome Back: Late Spring Homestead Updates

It has been quite a long time since I have felt up to writing a blog. Working a full-time, demanding job in academia, homeschooling both my kids, doing as much homesteading as possible, and living through a devastating global pandemic while also in the midst of all of the historical socio-political and cultural touchstone momentsContinue reading “Welcome Back: Late Spring Homestead Updates”

Colonialism, Cultural Rhetorics, and Camping: A Story

Hello from South Dakota! Today is our 6th day on the road; we left the Homestead on Monday morning and have been making our way west ever since. It’s been equal parts exhilarating and exhausting–exhilarating to be out adventuring as a family and exhausting to be doing this during a pandemic. Even so, this feelsContinue reading “Colonialism, Cultural Rhetorics, and Camping: A Story”