Returning To My Roots

Something in me broke last week. I don’t think it was a bad thing, actually. I think I had to acknowledge how I was feeling about leaving my position in higher education and about how my job search had been going (ahem decidedly not stellar). The world inside the academy is institutional by design, andContinue reading “Returning To My Roots”

The Deflated Balloon

I am watching a reality television show where artists compete for a big prize. Each week they are challenged to dig deeper for inspiration, to push their art further. Every week they are critiqued by judges–sometimes harshly–and then they put themselves back together again to create more and do more and show more for evenContinue reading “The Deflated Balloon”

The Job Search is Broken, But We Can Make It Better (Part 2)

I promise I’ll return to my usual posts about gardens and food and family life soon. I crave that, actually, but between moving away from our homestead of 10 years in the beginning of May and losing my job later in May (combined with historic inflation), there has been no bandwidth to plan the newContinue reading “The Job Search is Broken, But We Can Make It Better (Part 2)”